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Fibre Cement Columns
classic straight and tapered
Classic Straight Columns
2750mm or 4000mm
200mm,  250mm,  345mm or  425mm

Tapered Columns   2750mm
Taper    250mm to 200mm
​Taper    345mm to 250mm

Fibre Cement Concrete Columns add a classical effect to any design

We can supply straight and tapered columns with  smooth shafts in a range of height
and diameters which can be finished in any coating you require.
Tapered  at 2750mm high  
: 250mm to 200mm diameter
: 345mm to 250mm diameter
Straight  at 2750mm and 4000mm
: 200mm diameter                                                                         
: 250mm diameter                                                                          
: 345mm diameter
: 425mm diameter
Each column can be dressed with various capital and base rings to finish off your design.
Easy installation for builders or the handyman. Columns can be filled with reinforced concrete or steel/timber posts to make them load-bearing.
Can easily be used to hide down-water pipes or other utilities.
(by appointment)
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